UOB and Singaporean conglomerate Keppel will jointly develop and provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of sustainability and digitalisation solutions.

This collaboration brings together UOB’s sustainability and digital transformation financing solutions and tools. This includes the UOB Sustainability Compass. Keppel brings its expertise in providing solutions in energy optimisation, sustainable asset enhancement solutions, connectivity and digitalisation.

Together, the collaboration aims to simplify sustainability for businesses. This is the first time UOB has partnered with an organisation such as Keppel. The partnership aims to extend a holistic suite of sustainability solutions beyond Singapore and into Southeast Asia.

The collaboration will focus on solutions across three sectors: energy, built environment and digital connectivity. UOB says that this will enable the implementation of smart sustainable solutions.

Infrastructure: Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Keppel says that enterprises will achieve energy efficiency and cost savings as well as reduce their carbon footprint through its one-stop Energy as a Service solution. This includes electricity with Renewables Energy Credits, energy storage solutions, distributed solar photovoltaic systems and EV charging infrastructure. The services are digitally powered by smart operations performance management at Keppel’s Operations Nerve Centre. UOB will provide competitive sustainable financing for these solutions.

Built Environment: Sustainable Urban Renewal

Keppel and UOB will assist real estate owners to rejuvenate their assets. This is delivered through Keppel’s expertise in sustainable asset enhancement. It incorporates a suite of smart sustainability solutions, spatial programming and workplace solutions. The aim is to improve building performance and uplift asset value. An integrated approach to reaching ESG goals will extend the lifespan of these assets while achieving industry certification standards.

Digitalisation and Connectivity

UOB will collaborate with M1, a subsidiary of Keppel, to help enterprises advance in their digital and sustainability transformation journey. This will be done through the joint development of connectivity and digitalisation solutions with embedded banking and sustainability reporting solutions.

“This collaboration brings two like-minded organisations together to jointly drive sustainability and digitalisation. We can help innovate and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices starting from Singapore, and across the ASEAN region. This strategic partnership with Keppel will provide new pathways for companies across the region to become more sustainable and resilient. This will support businesses and end-users contribute towards a low-carbon and digital economy,” said Wee Ee Cheong, CEO, UOB.