Switzerland-based regtech firm Indigita has partnered with id4 to automate cross-border compliance checks and risk controls for small and medium-sized financial institutions.

The partnership is aimed at providing financial institutions with a ‘high degree’ of regulatory compliance and clarity on cross-border rules.

id4 is a client lifecycle management (CLM) solution provider, which has integrated Indigita’s API into its CLM4.bank platform.

The integration allows id4 to offer its clients cross-border compliance checks on business processes like onboarding, customer relationship management (CRM), and KYC procedures.

id4 CEO Sebastien Lalande said: “CLM4.bank offers a simple to use, one-stop solution for client lifecycle management.

“It integrates seamlessly with best in class third-party providers. We support our client’s management of their regulatory obligations in the most efficient manner.

“Regulatory-wise one of the first obstacles financial institutions face when contacting clients and prospects is to make sure they comply with cross-border rules.”

The integration with CLM4.bank is expected to further boosts the position of Indigita’s proprietary API as the application of automated cross-border rules depends on it.

Based in Geneva and Zurich, indigita is a regtech subsidiary of BRP Bizzozero & Partners, a cross-border compliance specialist for financial institutions.

indigita CEO Achille Deodato said: “indigita’s API is a natural fit for client onboarding and lifecycle management of clients.

“The users of CLM4.bank will now be able to enjoy an advanced lifecycle management solution that allows them to conduct business safely across borders.”