Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank has added Microsoft’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a remote access facility, in a bid to increase worker efficiency.

The VDI system, which is the first of its kind to be adopted in Jordan, lets bank employees access their desktop from any machine or branch in the bank.

Dubai Islamic Bank CEO Sami Afghani said the move was part of the bank’s aim to be at the frontline of financial technology solutions.

"This will reduce operational costs and capital expenditure such as electricity, allowing us to utilise equipment and desk space much more efficiently, gain virtual control on servers, and provide more security for static and financial client data," he said.

Since the VDI hosts all users desktops on a main server, the JDIB hopes to save manpower operation expenses. Installing new programs, updating existing programs and providing other support services are all done remotely.

The VDI has a central support and management facility that offers higher security when accessing secure information remotely. It ensures accessibility to remote software via Internet connection between the desktop and the server.

Hussein Malhas, from Microsoft’s Jordan branch, added that the system was an important step for the company in the Jordanian banking sector. "Our aim behind deploying this technology in Jordan is to enhance work efficiency in all business sectors in the country, and JDIB’s implementation of cutting-edge technology such as VDI is the first step in solidifying Microsoft’s efforts to support the banking sector," he said.

The bank plans to employ the solution across all their branches as well as their headquarters in Amman.


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