US-based global business services provider Zventus has launched a new consumer lending solution to help traditional lenders compete with new-age fintech companies.

Zventus’ new full-service FinTech-in-a-Box solution enables lenders of all types to access all the capabilities required for a fintech transition.

The solution, which is designed and operated by consumer lending experts, can simplify the lending processes, enhance customer experience, and leverage new cost efficiencies and technologies, the firm said. 

Zventus president Angel Alban said: “With so many challenges in today’s market, lender transformation is essential. 

“Our Fintech-in-a-Box solution makes that transformation much more manageable, providing access to specialized skills that will drive innovation and growth in the mortgage and lending sectors.”

The new solution covers every end of the lending spectrum, giving clients the flexibility to choose the capabilities they need to expand in new markets, launch new offerings, hire top talent, invest in technology or undertake mergers and acquisitions. 

Zventus’ Fintech-in-a-Box solution is authorised by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) in all 50 states of the US via strategic partnerships.

Zventus chief technology officer Marvin Bantugan said: “If lenders want to offer new channels and services in different states, we can help them process, underwrite, and sell loans in new locations to test the market.

“FinTech-in-a-Box supports lenders interested in entering new markets by eliminating the costs of infrastructure, technology, people, and processes, providing all the capabilities they need in these areas wrapped up in a box.”