Digital banking company Zafin has collaborated with Canada-based IT solutions provider Celero to accelerate the digital transformation of credit unions through customised offerings.

The collaboration with Zafin will enable Celero to automate the customisation of product pricing and bundling for credit unions to strengthen their client relationships and drive deposit and lending growth.

The integration of Zafin Cloud will allow credit unions working with Celero to integrate to decrease the manual processes and focus more on building deeper, more personalised client relationships.

By working alongside credit union’s core systems, Zafin Cloud allows product managers to create personalised fees and rates at the individual customer level to maximise profitability, without compromising the loyalty of the customers.

Celero executive vice president of omnichannel and banking solutions Simon Vincent said: “Fully integrating Zafin’s unique product customisation offerings into the Celero ecosystem supports our shared vision of accelerating the digital transformation journey for the Canadian credit union system.

“Our credit union and financial service clients expect reliable and secure solutions, so we strive to leverage technology in an uncomplicated way. It’s with our partners like Zafin that we’re able to provide solutions that allow customers to focus on what really matters – their members and the communities they serve.”