TSB has re-launched as a separate bank, 18 years after merging with Lloyds Bank.

5m customers have been automatically transferred to the new bank, which is using 631 branches that were previously part of the Lloyds TSB network. TSB now employs over 8,000 staff and has 4 call centres

All of the Lloyds TSB branches in Scotland and the Cheltenham and Gloucester branches are now TSB branches.

For the transferred customers, sort codes and account numbers will remain the same, they can continue to use Lloyds TSB credit or debit cards, and their credit history will be unaffected.

The sale is a condition of the taxpayer bailout £21bn of the 39% state owned Lloyds TSB. TSB will be run as a brand of Lloyds TSB until the new bank is floated.

The UK treasury is seeking an extension from Brussels to give Lloyds Banking Group up to two extra years to sell TSB. The banking group presently has a deadline of November 2013.

Lloyds TSB chief exec Antonio Horta Osorio said in a BBC News interview five days before the launch that the transfer process would be "seamless."

However customers of TSB and Lloyds have complained that both the websites of TSB and Lloyds were temporarily down on the morning of the launch.

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