Skyline Financial, a California-based direct lender and technology developer, has unveiled a new consumer, affinity and wholesale lending brand, NewLeaf Lending, to offer enhanced customer experience.

The NewLeaf Lending uses Intelligent Marketing Platform (iMP), a mortgage technology for marketing, origination and processing.

The platform reduces loan processing time by 50% on an average, digitises all loan and customer information, automates the workflow from pricing through loan delivery and thus enhances customer experience.

Skyline Financial CEO Bill Dallas said NewLeaf has arrived thanks to the breakthrough of their proprietary iMP technology.

"The mortgage industry and consumers have been hearing the promise of ‘faster, simpler, online loans’ for 15 years. The public is too smart for what has passed as the online lending experience: slick websites feeding loans into giant buildings full of people processing and closing the same old way.

"Years of development and millions of dollars have gone into NewLeaf and iMP to truly deliver ‘faster, simpler, online.’ The industry and, most importantly, consumers will see a radically different and vastly superior mortgage experience," Dallas added.

NewLeaf Lending comprises three divisions: NewLeaf Lending, NewLeaf Wholesale and NewLeaf Affinity.

A direct-to-consumer lender, NewLeaf Lending offers home purchase and refinancing loans in more than 10 states, whereas NewLeaf Wholesale serves mortgage brokers and financial institutions in Southern California and Oregon.

NewLeaf Affinity is a strategic alliance group creating mortgage marketing channels with employer networks, financial institutions, retailers and other partnering organisations.