Enacomm, a provider of customer authentication technologies, has teamed up with Clinc to offer small banks and credit unions an advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform called Finie.

Clinc’s AI platform uses AI to understand natural human language and provide timely, personalised responses, from insightful spending advice to balance information and complex transaction details.

The reseller agreement will extend the reach of Clinc’s financial AI technology, which allows users to have natural, human-like conversations with their bank accounts.

The features of the AI platform also include creating a tailored customer experience; unlocking a broad range of interactions; understanding complex questions and transforming them into powerful insights; and making actionable predictions.

Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis said: “To effectively compete, banks and credit unions need to harness the power of data-driven AI to positively shape the consumer experience. Not only does intelligent interaction technology conserve resources, but Clinc’s advanced AI platform provides the best experience we’ve seen to enable customers to quickly and easily find the information they need to make informed decisions about their money through conversations with their bank accounts.”

Clinc CEO Jason Mars added: “Enacomm is the right partner for Clinc because they share our vision for modernizing the consumer banking experience. Teaming up with Enacomm will help us to empower a greater number of smaller financial institutions, like community banks and credit unions, with next-generation, voice-controlled AI technology that otherwise would be out of reach.”

According to Accenture Banking Technology Vision report, 79% banking executives surveyed believe AI will change the way banks gather information and interact with customers and 76% believe banks will deploy AI as primary method for interacting with customers within three years.