Open banking and intelligence platform Moneyhub has become Citibank’s first third party provider (TPP) integration in the UK.

Moneyhub has 580 live and in production connections across 200 financial services providers (FSPs) in the UK.

Of these, 100 are open banking providers, and another 100 are open finance providers. Citibank is its 200th FSP.

Through these connections, Moneyhub offers consent-driven access to financial data in the country.

It does this by providing businesses with a single API to access this data, enabled via machine-learning powered analytics and insights.

This comprises data related to pensions, investments, loans, mortgages, savings, property values, and bank accounts and credit cards.

Apart from the UK, Moneyhub has more than 3,500 connections across Europe.

Moneyhub COO Dan Scholey said: “The UK is our flagship market and adding the 100th open banking financial services provider is a significant milestone for the platform and the broader industry.

“This addition is made even more of a celebration as Moneyhub is the first aggregation provider to connect to Citibank, one of the most popular requests from our clients.

“Open Finance and Open Banking continue to transform people’s finances. We are passionate about unlocking its transformative potential, and our constant innovation in this space means that our UK and wider European clients have access to market leading technology.”

In August 2020, Citibank made a strategic investment in metadata management software provider Solidatus and also decided to implement the Solidatus platform internally.