The video screening and analytics technology from Cognitec, FaceVACS-VideoScan, allows users to perform complex searches and analyses on persons appearing in live camera streams and recorded video footage.

For real-time surveillance applications, FaceVACS-VideoScan applies Cognitec’s premier face recognition technology to compare faces to watch lists and instantly find known individuals. Banks can detect and prevent unwanted behaviour in much faster and more efficient ways, as operators can track individuals in real-time, or receive alerts on mobile devices to act within the immediate vicinity of a suspect.

On the other hand, the software can identify valued customers or authorized individuals in real-time. Positive authentication can alert personnel to provide special treatment or allow access to restricted areas. Banks could also use the technology to trigger the display of a targeted message on a digital welcome sign or other advertising/message devices.

In addition, the technology uses anonymous facial analysis to count individuals, generate demographical information, track people movement in time and space, detect frequent visitors and crowds, and much more.

For example, operators can receive an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area or if waiting times have exceeded a set limit. The analysis of traffic patterns and demographical statistics can provide banks with precise visitor data to make interior design, advertising placement, staffing and other operational decisions.

The latest product release introduced a user-friendly interface to quickly import sets of recorded video material and then carry out detailed investigations. For example, security and law enforcement agents can upload the video files of a specific location at a specific time to find possible participants in or witnesses to a crime.

Users can find a person that was previously enrolled in an image database, or search for an unknown person and find their appearances in multiple videos. Person searches can also make use of filters that specify age ranges and gender.

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002. Experiencing steady growth at business locations in Dresden, Boston and Sydney, the company is proud to maintain a stable, market-leading position within the industry, and to uphold the trust it has gained as a reliable, experienced provider of biometric technologies.

Various independent evaluation tests continue to prove the outstanding performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial image database search, recorded video investigation, real-time video screening and people analytics, border control, and biometric photo capturing.