Starling will soon launch a fresh fleet of adverts for the summer to showcase its app to the UK’s 20 million online banking users and 3.2 million self-employed workers.

A key focal point of the campaign will be Starling’s speedy onboarding process. Customers and business owners can apply for a bank account in a matter of minutes, even while on the move.

The adverts will present this in a series of entertaining scenarios, “demonstrating that even when life gets in the way, Starling Bank doesn’t,” the digital challenger bank says.

The advertising campaign is being created and produced by Ekstasy, which has a history of working with Starling and producing striking material.

A track record of successful ads

With more than 2 million customers, the online bank is already well-known for its memorable and emotional creative campaigns.

Starling and Ekstasy began their partnership in 2018 with digital acquisition-based campaigns, and then in 2019 created Starling’s first ever TV-led integrated brand awareness campaign.

In a beautifully scenic journey, the campaign followed a flock of starling birds around the UK, as a business owner sets out on her journey.

This advert was a great success. It increased brand awareness from 22% to 38% according to YouGov and Kantar research and helped Starling become a household name.

“Our customer experience is everything to us”

Mike Saraswat, Chief Executive Officer and Matthew Simpson, chief creative officer, have been working closely with Starling’s internal studio headed up by Mark Day, art director and Eve Stepney, head of Copy to bring this campaign to life.

The fresh fleet of creative adverts will appear on radio, online and city dwellers can also look out for the captivating campaigns chugging past on buses or twinkling on digital billboards, nationally.

“Our customer experience is everything to us, and that includes the way we present our brand across all marketing channels – whether on-screen or during in-person events in towns and cities across the UK,” said Rachel Kerrone, Starling’s head of Brand.

The sparkling new campaign will shortly go live in the third week of May, radio on May 17th, OOH and online on June 1st.

It will continue running throughout Summer and until the end of September.