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Your digital transformation partner in banking

NETinfo is a versatile and innovative technology company that has been enabling digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions since 2000.

NETinfo is headquartered in Cyprus, with additional offices in the UK, Russia, Kenya and Colombia. From the outset, our goal has been to provide advanced digital solutions for all members of the financial community, whether small businesses or global banks.

Our flagship products, NETinfo Digital Banking Platform and NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS), have successfully been part of the digital transformation process of banks and financial institutions in 30 countries worldwide.

NETinfo focuses on retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management and insurance. We support banks and financial institutions of all sizes across all geographies, helping them to harness the latest technologies, and we fully embrace the needs of today’s digital consumers.

Challenges disrupting the banking landscape

The banking industry is facing continuous changes nowadays, from disruptive technologies to new competitors, and customers with high expectations. These challenges continue to escalate, so traditional banks need to constantly evaluate and improve their operations, to keep up with the fast pace of the changes happening in the banking industry today.

NETinfo helps the banks embrace these challenges by building successful, tailor-made digital banking solutions. Our aim is to provide secure and seamless personalized solutions, after understanding the client’s needs, and deliver the right customer experience across all channels. Digital transformation is no longer just a trend. Now, it’s an essential part of the strategy for any bank or financial institution. NETinfo converts banks to take a step forward from traditional banking to digitalisation and preparing them to stay relevant in these times, by providing reliable solutions to fit everyone’s requirements and expectations.

As digital transformation accelerates, the banking industry leaders understand that it’s imperative to collaborate with experts, such as NETinfo, who have experience in digital transformation and expertise in emerging technologies for insight, best practices and trends, to achieve evolvement and innovation. Fintech companies and Banks need to create synergies between them and view the scope of PSD2 as an opportunity for financial service offerings and further evolvement.

Disruptive and innovative Mobile Financial Services (MFS) solutions are on the rise aiming to improve efficiency, integration of payment processes, and safety both on a B2B and B2C level, utilising cutting-edge technologies, and thus capturing the momentum of the ‘Digital Transformation Era’. Digital payments are also introducing disruptive changes for the industry, especially on the checkout process (online purchases) and the payment process at the POS (offline purchases). Digital Payments can be considered as the next evolutionary step towards further financial services that might replace classic, old-fashioned payment methods (from cash to credit/debit card to mobile, digital wallets).

Solutions offered for your digital transformation process

The NETinfo Digital Banking Platform is a comprehensive omnichannel solution, empowering financial institutions to achieve digital transformation and develop a digital banking strategy across a multitude of channels. NETinfo has a consistent and customisable presentation layer offering a seamless customer experience across all the offered channels, removing friction from the customer journey. The NETinfo Digital Banking Platform maintains all business logic, rules and workflows, providing a central source of functionality and services, covering retail, corporate and high net-worth individuals, where customers can login to the system, view all their relationship with the bank and perform their financial activities easily at their convenience.

NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS) is a digital wallet solution, designed and developed to run on iOS or Android devices, providing an alternative payment method to cash or credit cards.

NETinfo MFS is adapted to current international mobile payment practices making it ideal for both developed and emerging markets as well for banked and un-banked communities. It runs independently of any card association or third-party and has very low transaction costs. In-store, over-the-counter payments, are conducted fast and securely through the merchant device, while various value-added-services enhance the customer experience before, during and after the payment.

NETsurance is the only ready-to-go omnichannel digital solution of its type for multi-line insurers, giving your customers full control to access and manage their policies through online and mobile channels – anytime, anywhere. Its architecture is simple and efficient, allowing for fast customized integration with companies of any size or segment. It also provides a cutting-edge look-and-feel so you can connect with your customers at a different emotional level to further enhance your market branding. NETsurance, developed by NETinfo and insurance industry experts, is ideal for insurance companies worldwide.

Our growth parallels the rise of digital and mobile communications. With nearly two decades of experience, we are digital natives with a comprehensive understanding of how banks and financial institutions can best meet their customers’ needs and position themselves for the future. NETinfo’s customised solutions maximise speed and efficiency and improve customer journeys and engagement. Ease of administration, including extensive self-administration and maintenance capabilities, is fundamental to the NETinfo offering, as are competitive pricing and rapid implementation. The result is a market-leading omnichannel and mobile banking service that gives banks and financial institutions the power to serve their customers in the way they expect today. That means online, on the move, on demand.