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Innovative Digital Transformation Solutions

23 Aglantzias Avenue,
2108 Nicosia

NETinfo is a versatile and innovative technology company that has been enabling digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions since 2000.

NETinfo’s flagship products, NETinfo Digital Banking Platform and NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS), have successfully been part of the digital transformation process of banks and financial institutions, in 30 countries worldwide.

NETinfo focuses on retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and insurance. We support banks and financial institutions of all sizes across all geographies, helping them to harness the latest technologies, and we fully embrace the needs of today’s digital consumers. Industry analysts recognise NETinfo as one of the global leaders for omnichannel design and delivery.

Our history

NETinfo was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Cyprus, with additional offices in the UK, Russia, Colombia and Kenya. From the outset, our goal has been to provide advanced digital solutions for all members of the financial community, whether small businesses or global banks.

We are continually developing and refining our core NETinfo Digital Banking Platform, and in 2012, we launched NETinfo Mobile Financial Services (MFS). Our technical and consulting specialists are based in Cyprus, and they develop and support all our products. Thanks to our dedication and keen focus on digital innovation, we are one of the fastest-growing organisations in our field.


In recent years, Forrester has consistently recognised NETinfo as one of the top providers of mobile banking and digital banking solutions. In the latest Forrester report (2017), NETinfo was placed among the top three omnichannel vendors worldwide for its current platform and in the top two vendors for enhancing customer experience.

According to Forrester: “NETinfo is one of the two evaluated vendors whose reference clients expressed no doubt about whether they would choose it again.” This endorsement reflects the expertise that has enabled NETinfo’s customers to remain competitive and offer superior banking services to their own customers.

NETinfo has also been recognized in the latest Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Banking Platforms, released in August 2018, as a Representative Vendor. Also, in the latest Gartner’s Peer Insights reviews for Digital Banking Platforms, based on the subjective opinions and experiences of individual end-users NETinfo received an Overall Rating of 4.8 out of 5, based on nine reviews as of 12 October 2018. We believe this result demonstrates the continued trust our clients have placed in our products and services.

Our products

  • NETinfo Digital Banking Platform is a comprehensive omnichannel solution that unifies multiple channels and creates a single, seamless banking service for retail, corporate and high-net-worth individuals. At the same time, the platform greatly enhances customer experience through in-built analytics and personalisation tools
  • NETinfo Mobile Financial Services is a closed loop electronic wallet that runs independently of any card association, or any other third-party, enabling mobile payments in a secure, effortless and low-cost way. MFS is designed and developed using international mobile payment practices
  • The NETinfo Open Banking Suite enables banks and financial institutions to open their customer data and services to approved third parties and exploit business opportunities associated with open banking in a controlled and secure (PSD2 compliant) manner. Banks and financial institutions can develop banking as a platform (BaaP), enabling them to deliver banking as a service (BaaS) solutions to their corporate and retail customers
  • NETsurance is an innovative omnichannel solution for insurance companies. It provides seamless online and mobile access for your customers, allowing them to view and manage their policies anytime, anywhere. NETsurance is suitable for any insurance company, irrespective of size or sector

Why NETinfo

Our growth parallels the rise of digital and mobile communications. With nearly two decades of experience, we are digital natives with a comprehensive understanding of how banks and financial institutions can best meet their customers’ needs and position themselves for the future.

NETinfo’s customised solutions maximise speed and efficiency and improve customer journeys and engagement. Ease of administration, including extensive self-administration and maintenance capabilities, is fundamental to the NETinfo offering, as are competitive pricing and rapid implementation.

The result is a market-leading omnichannel and mobile banking service that gives banks and financial institutions the power to serve their customers in the way they expect today. That means online, on the move, on demand.