Wells Fargo has launched a free
community website, for students, parents, guidance
counsellors, and financial advisors, with the aim of
making it a platform for open dialogue about topics related
to college planning.

The Wells Fargo
Community site aims to provide information regarding when to begin
planning for higher education, how to select a major, how to
finance an education, and housing.

Head of Wells Fargo
Education Financial Services, Kirk Bare, said, “Students and
parents have a number of questions when it comes to college
planning, so we are facilitating the sharing of knowledge, advice
and experiences through the Wells Fargo

According to Wells Fargo, developing a plan to
pay for college education has become increasingly important to a
large portion of the US population as the overall expenses are
increasing every year.

The Wells Fargo
Community site provides links to the bank’s Student Centre for
resources that can guide prospective students finance their higher

The community members can also engage with
each other as well as Wells Fargo
representatives in a variety of college planning
discussions, including choosing a college, student and parent
impressions of campus visits, and how parents with young children
can begin to save for college.

Kimarie Matthews, vice president of social web
for Wells Fargo, said:

Wells Fargo is
inviting everyone involved in the college planning process to join
the community. As a result, members won’t get just one answer to
their questions from a single point of view. They’ll get a variety
of answers and insights from different people.”

Wells Fargo
Education Financial Services serves more than 1.9m student and
family customers and during 2011, the lender’s community
contributions included $68m to 8,000 educational programs and
schools across the US.