US Bank has launched a Facebook challenge offering $15,000 in
prize money to attract owners of small businesses to join US Bank’s
Facebook network and share success stories.

The ‘look up with us’ challenge on US Bank’s
Facebook page gives customers the option to vote for their
favourite success story and connect with other small business
owners around the US.

To enter the challenge, business owners need
to launch the ‘look up with us’ app on Facebook and describe why
their business is looking up.

The name of the business and the answer will
become part of a mosaic-like display on US Bank’s Facebook page.
The more votes an answer gets, the bigger that business’ tile
becomes in the mosaic.

There will be three winners for the ‘look up
with us’ Facebook challenge. One winner will be chosen by other
small-business owners who serve on a US Bank panel, another winner
will be chosen through random drawing. A third winner will be
picked by popular vote within the ‘look up with us’ app.

Executive vice president of consumer banking
at US Bank, Kent Stone, said, “We hope the challenge will draw
inspiring stories from business owners who are finding ways to
succeed despite the tough economic climate.”

The challenge is open to any business in the
US with annual revenues less than $10m.