UBank, National Australia Bank’s (NAB) online-only subsidiary, has launched a website, PeopleLikeU, that pulls together anonymous transaction data to identify trends and allow visitors to compare their spending with that of their fellow Australians.

The PeopleLikeU site has been built with UBank and NAB customer information, such as balances, savings goals, and mortgage details; census data; and spending numbers sourced from analytics firm Quantium.

Site users can search by area, gender, age, income and living factors to identify trends and insights and compare their habits to those of peers, with, reportedly, more than 1bn numbers crunched.

Users can check to see where people choose to spend their money and time in different cities, carry out financial health checks by comparing their circumstances to their peers, and predict their futures by adjusting age and income.

The names, addresses in all the PeopleLikeU data has been stripped out and the information available is around what transaction occurred, when it occurred and how much it occurred for. Instead of unique identifiers such as names or account numbers, the age of the customer, where they live and such are mentioned.