Pennsylvania-headquartered software and technology services
company SunGard has launched Ambit MyMoney, an integrated online
and mobile banking platform, with the aim to help banks capitalise
on the global adoption of ‘smart’ mobile devices by creating a
customisable mobile banking experience.

Launched on 23 November, Ambit MyMoney aims to
help banks provide seamless online and mobile banking services to
retail and business customers through a variety of channels,
alongside including integration to social networking sites like
Facebook and Twitter.

SunGard’s Ambit solution offers personal
financial management (PFM) tools that aim to enable bank customers
to share financial savings goals over social media channels with
selected friend groups.

The Ambit tools also include modules for
secure feedback and a centralised message centre that is accessible
across all channels. 

President of SunGard’s banking segment, David
Hamilton, told RBI that the current challenge for retail
banks in particular is to keep up with changing customer demands,
and multi-channel platforms such as Ambit help banks optimise their
customer relationship by offering a more convenient experience
being customisable at the platform level and on an individual user

Hamilton added that SunGard’s Ambit allows
banks to “build more profitable relationships and deliver a
seamless experience, no matter which mobile channel the customer
chooses to use.”

Ambit My Money is part of SunGard’s Ambit
Customer Management suite that aims to allow banks to create
more profitable relationships while enhancing the client

SunGard has over 20,000 employees and serves
more than 25,000 customers in over 70 countries.