Slovakia’s has entered into a partnership with Backbase and Mambu to support its digital transformation.

Under the collaboration, will leverage Backbase and Mambu technological capabilities to transform from a ‘mobile first’ to full service and omnichannel bank.

The lender will leverage Backbase’s Engagement Banking platform to adopt digital sales and digital banking capabilities for its retail business.

It will also utilise Backbase-as-a-Service (BaaS) to expedite system updates and launch new products.

On the other hand, Mambu will be responsible for transforming’s core into a modern cloud-native platform.

The platform will be adaptable to future technologies. CEO Andrej Zaťko said: “Our goal is to give our customers a first class omnichannel banking experience that consistently delights users. We are building a customer-centric bank, which allows them to think less about their money and have more time for the things that they love.

“But in order to do this, we needed flexible and scalable technical infrastructure and state-of-the-art banking services that enable us to react instantly to our customers’ needs. This is where Mambu and Backbase came in.

“With their impeccable track records, agile way of working, innovative solutions, quick time to market and modern, scalable digital architecture, it was a no-brainer to select them as our digital partners.”

Last month, Indonesian challenger Bank Jago tapped Mambu’s cloud banking platform to power its banking services. Backbase also found a new client in the form of Ghana International Bank (GHIB) recently.