Swedish neobank Personal Finance Co. (P.F.C.) has selected Mambu’s SaaS banking engine and gone live on the system.

According to P.F.C., ten months after its official launch, the neobank sustains a monthly growth rate of 35%. It addition, it has gained a foothold in Sweden’s competitive fintech market. The partnership with Mambu enables it to speed up the deployment of its products and features.

Backed by incumbent Nordea, P.F.C. offers a personal finance app with an accompanying debit card. Furthermore, automation and data-driven insights aid and encourage customers to make and reach financial targets.

P.F.C. is getting ready to launch products for personalised savings and credit. Mabu’s deployment capability also supports this product development and enables the mobile-first P.F.C. to test and launch features with pace.

“P.F.C. is exceptional in that we offer a highly personalised and transparent banking experience that’s simple to use. Our offering requires a highly flexible and scalable system, which is why we partnered up with Mambu,” said Eli Daniel Keren, founder and CEO of P.F.C.

“Mambu is a trusted and supportive partner. In just nine months, we were able to deploy a feature-rich mobile-first neobank, and can now focus on international expansion and innovations to enhance the customer experience, and deliver more value.”

“Innovation and agility are core to Mambu’s operations and our partnership with P.F.C. opens up unique opportunities in both areas. By leveraging our cloud-native API-first architecture and pre-configured functionalities, P.F.C. was able to use Mambu as an important piece of their full neobank to go live in months,” said Eelco-Jan Boonstra, Managing Director of Mambu EMEA.

“Progressive digital banks have found a new way of doing business and tend to attract young, information-hungry customers that are comfortable with technology. When it comes to user experience, this target audience has high expectations, and also continuously changing needs. Powered by Mambu, P.F.C. is able to meet these needs, at the same time accelerating the development of new products and features, quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for personal finance.” said Eelco-Jan Boonstra.