The UK’s beleaguered Cooperative Bank has kicked off 2018 with plans to shutter a further 27 branches, reducing its network from 95 to 68 branches.

The latest Coop Bank branch closures are slated to take place in April and May.

The Coop has long since abandoned a national network.

As recently as the end of 2013, the Coop Bank branch network totalled 291 outlets; the network peaked at 373 branches in 2009 following the disastrous Cooperative Bank merger with Britannia Building Society.

Following the latest closures, the Coop will be left with minimal presence in Scotland (one branch only in Glasgow) and only four branches in Wales.

In England, the Coop is exiting a number of regions; closure of its branch in Hull will mean that Humberside customers are 50 miles away from the nearest remaining Coop branch in York.

Closure of the Peterborough outlet leaves customers there 40 miles away from the nearest remaining Coop Bank branch in Cambridge.

Across the sector, UK branch closures announced totalled 1,100 in 2017.

Bucking the trend towards shrinking branch networks, Metro Bank has said that it will grow its current 56-strong branch network to 68 stores during 2018.

As part of its expansion and investment programme, Metro Bank will create a net 900 additional jobs this year in the UK, taking its total staff numbers to about 4,000.