Moving away from OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Labs shows how the IDV landscape has changed since 2014, when OCR Labs began operating in Australia. The rise in generative AI and synthetic media has enabled fraud to evolve, forcing companies to adapt their tools to the fight against fraudulent activity.

The name change leads IDVerse’s quest to build a Zero Bias platform that uses proprietary generative AI technology to verify digital identity.

“With OCR Labs we set out to develop an identity verification solution from scratch. The birth of IDVerse means we’re now ready to go to the next level to make user verification effortless with Zero Bias AI™,” said John Myers, CEO at OCR Labs.

“Our diversity of background, skills, and experience allows us to build the future of identity verification – a single point of access for everything your customers want to do online, across all devices, everywhere in the world they happen to be.”

IDVerse has often taken centre stage in the fight against fraud – especially ID fraud. In March, the company partnered with Mvine, giving the latter access to OCR Labs’ Global digital IDV services.

Russ Cohn, general manager of EMEA at IDVerse, told RBI in May that the success of any IDV solution does not just rest on AI/ML technologies but rather on the software’s ability to share the knowledge learnt in one part of the network across the entire client ecosystem.

“As the world evolves into a digital future, IDVerse is the most universal, diverse and secure solution to identity verification, and we’re on a mission to make the digital future secure and accessible for everyone, from everywhere in the world, anytime as needed,” says Myers.