The proportion of smartphone users in New Zealand who use their phone for online banking transactions has almost doubled in the past year, according to a report from analysts Roy Morgan.

The report said that while a majority of smartphone users (58%) still bank online using a computer, 16% now conduct banking on their mobiles, up 8.3% from January last 2012.

The survey found that the adoption of mobile online banking differs markedly between brands, with one in three iPhone users using mobile banking apps compared to one in ten Samsung users.

Pip Elliott, general manager, Roy Morgan, New Zealand, said that smartphones were no longer the preserve of early adopters and were fast becoming mainstream.

He added: "Banks are investing in mobile technologies to give their customers increased flexibility and the introduction of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, which allows smartphones to be used as a credit or debit card, will no doubt impact further on the trend.

"To understand the shift to mobile, businesses need to be aware of the capabilities and rates of consumer uptake of different devices and the levels of demand for mobile applications across target markets and industries."


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