Intelligent Planning Solutions provider Board has been selected by Nationwide to transform financial planning.

Nationwide decided on Intelligent Planning from Board, in a joint proposition for financial planning transformation delivered alongside advisory partner, KPMG.

“Intelligent Planning from Board enables Nationwide to transform vital financial planning across multiple use cases, delivering better insights for our teams, and ultimately better outcomes for Nationwide’s members,” said Louise Pierrepont, Head of Future Capability and Operations at Nationwide Building Society.

“Board’s Intelligent Planning capabilities, combined with the commitment and expertise of the Board team, impressed us as the right fit for Nationwide and our members.” “We are delighted Board has been chosen to deliver on Nationwide’s transformative vision for financial planning,” said Marco Limena, CEO of Board.

“Board’s selection by the world’s biggest building society shows how the power of Intelligent Planning is the go-to choice for leading brands worldwide seeking to plan smarter and drive better outcomes, as they transform vital business planning across strategy, finance and operations.”

“We are excited to be working together with Board, in a joint proposition for financial planning transformation with Nationwide,” said Minochehr Vania, Partner at KPMG UK. “Board’s well-established Intelligent Planning expertise aligns with Nationwide’s goals as they plan, transform and grow in today’s evolving business environment.”

The new customer agreement between Board and Nationwide focuses on replacing and transforming planning processes and systems. End users are now prioritised with access to one single source of the truth via Board’s Intelligent Planning platform, reducing information silos, with a more integrated and intuitive approach to vital business planning across the organisation.

Nationwide H12022: profits +15.3%, current account market share gain

Nationwide’s most recent results, for the six months to end September 2022, included a 15.3% rise in underlying profits to £980m. Strong market share growth in current accounts results in a market share of 10.4%. A decade ago, Nationwide’s market share for current accounts was a mere 6%. Nationwide currently has a market share of retail deposits of around 9.4%.