Deko is rolling out the fourth iteration of its flagship software. According to Deko, it features best-in-class UX developed by Deko’s in-house product design team. It is also the first time that Deko’s multi-lender technology has been deployed within a new, next generation architecture. Deko says that this uses a flexible and modular workflow engine and lender integration layer. The aim is to enable a streamlined application experience for every consumer – where different lender application forms and data entry requirements, appear in a single, consistent journey.

Rob Fernandes, Chief Product Officer at Deko, said: “Version 4 of our checkout technology represents a milestone investment in unlocking industry-best finance experiences connected to a range of leading lenders. We have completely rebuilt our platform from the ground up to work seamlessly across lenders while delivering a single, complete, end to end mobile and online checkout lending experience.”

“Our strategy started with our new embeddable finance calculator. This that can sit within the merchant website, on product pages or in checkout itself, guiding customers on available offers. In turn, this leads to a fully orchestrated application journey, regardless of the underlying lender. By reassuring customers of their finance eligibility and better directing them through a consistent application experience, Deko’s latest technology acts as a toolkit to lower levels of cart abandonment.”