COCC, the US-based technology vendor, has partnered with financial technology provider Online Resources to deliver an integrated digital banking platform which synchronises electronic banking with other services.

COCC said the combined platforms will be hosted by COCC and use the INSIGHT core system, which will enable banks to provide online services directly from their own websites without the need for separate databases.

According to COCC, the new platform will reduce the number of calls to call centres and improve fraud detection and the ability to deliver services securely and cost-effectively.

All digital banking services will be available from the bank’s internet domain and customers will no longer redirected away to separate digital banking sites.

Richard A. Leone, president and CEO of COCC, said: "Working together, our two firms will resolve one of banking’s most complex issues: keeping digital banking in synch with all other channels and services.

"With our next level integration of Online Resources’ software and our core processing platform, COCC is uniquely positioned to deliver an ongoing stream of innovative and cost-effective banking services for years to come."

Stephen W. Ryan, executive vice president of software solutions and services for Online Resources said: "As our clients deploy the many features of our digital banking product, millions of U.S. consumers will benefit from our vision of digital banking as a dynamic, high value, cross-channel engine of bank services.

"The combination of COCC’s advanced core platform and the flexibility and customisability of our Architect toolset will enable COCC’s financial institution customers to manage powerful multi-channel capabilities with far less complexity."