Citi has unveiled an application for
Facebook that allows mobile network operators to accept top-up
payments from customers.

The app lets customers visit their mobile
operator’s page, click on the amount that they want to top up and
then choose a Facebook friend to make the payment to.

In a video released by Citi, the head of
global payments technology, global transactions services for Citi,
Nick Nadgauda, said that through the new Faceboook top-up app Citi
is “looking to tap in to a new market segment looking at the
consumer payment flow”.

Citi’s Facebook top-up app is white-labelled
with the mobile operator’s look and feel, and the mobile network
providers do not have to invest in it at all, informed Emily Stern
Arias, senior product manager for mobile payments at Citi, through
the video, adding that the app is an “amazing way to drive revenues
in a very cost-effective manner.”

Nadgauda said that Citi’s Facebook top-up app
integrates “back end, old school, telecom providers” with newer
social media technology by allowing payments or minutes of top ups
to be added on to the customers’ prepaid cards through

The Facebook top-up app can take payments or
top ups directly on the Facebook page. The customer has to choose
an amount and choose and a Facebook friend, or another mobile user.
The top-up is reportedly complete with a “click of a button”.

Nadgauda added that the international Facebook
top-up app allows Citi’s “true customers – the mobile providers
around the world” to efficiently get top-up flow into their
channels, enabling them to reach a larger customer base in the US
and provide a wider prepaid platforms. “It’s something that our
competitors really don’t offer,” Nadgauda said.