Brazil’s second largest bank by assets,
Bradesco, has launched its own version of the branch of tomorrow
concept with Bradesco Next in São Paulo, Brazil, offering advanced
technology that aims to facilitate daily customer-bank interactions
and optimise time.

With Bradesco Next, the lender plans to create
an environment where technology will adapt to the needs of the
customers, instead of it “being the other way around”.
Portugal-headquartered company that develops interactive technology, YDreams, has designed the new

The Bradesco Next branch features real-time
content and multi app walls with large screens, catering to a range
of customer needs.

With banks across the world attempting to
create a ‘branch of tomorrow’, Candido Leonelli, executive director
of Bradesco, said the challenge was to create an innovative space
that would match the lender’s view of “how the relationship between
bank agencies and customers would be conducted in the future”.

Bradesco’s new ATM machines in the branch
feature customer interface configuration, touch screen interaction
and contactless devices. All transaction services at the ATM are
offered in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

The lender has also launched a ‘Life Cycle’
service to enable Bradesco customers to understand their ideal
consumption patterns according to their financial situation,
profile and personal interests.

The Branch Next features a ‘One to One
Customer Service Room’ and a relaxing space, Mesa Lounge, which has
a table with a built-in screen that acts as a touch screen

Being a flagship project of YDreams, Bradesco
Next “represents” the company’s purpose, said global managing
director, Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos.

“This project brings together innovative
technology, futuristic user experience and interior design, without
losing sight of what is most import: the client experience”,
Vasconcellos added.