Taiwan-headquartered Bank
SinoPac (SinoPac) has gone live with Temenos T24 core banking
systems with the aim of
centralising the operations of its
domestic and global branch network.

The T24
deployment went live simultaneously across Bank SinoPac’s
domestic branches in Taiwan that, reportedly, serve 3m customers
and process up 2m transactions per day. Hong Kong, Macau, China,
Vietnam and US sites will be added to the central hub in a second

The implementation of the new core system aims
to enable SinoPac to increase flexibility and reduce maintenance
and operating costs. Deposit, lending and international banking
systems being integrated under one common platform will enable a
single customer overview of business in all branches to improve
SinoPac’s risk management and use of credit lines as well.

SinoPac has opted for T24 for Universal
Banking solution, which according to Temenos, offers high
availability, scalability and performance capabilities at a low
total cost of ownership.

Tina Chiang, president, SinoPac, said the lender is placing
“significant importance on IT to gain a competitive edge”.