New Zealand-based Auckland Savings Bank (ASB)
has revamped its mobile banking app and added a new service that
will enable customers to make payments directly through Facebook to
‘friends’, regardless of whether they are ASB customers or
not, without using a bank account number.

The new service will be operational mid-July

According to ASB, the ability to pay and
receive money via Facebook is a breakthrough for the New Zealand

ASB’s general manager brand experience and
digital channels, Anna Curzon, told RBI that customers in
New Zealand are increasingly engaging with friends, family and
businesses associates through social media and have more Facebook
friends than the typical Facebook user globally on average.

“The next step in this evolution is being able to seamlessly
make payments from their smartphone, using Facebook as a channel.
We believe Facebook payments will be a popular addition to the
range of payment options already available on ASB Mobile which
include payments by mobile numbers and email addresses,” said

ASB already has a virtual branch on Facebook that operates from
10am to 6pm following a physical branch’s timings and allows
customers to carry out banking transactions.

Another service included in the upcoming new release of ASB
Mobile will be the ability for customers to download and register
the app on more than one mobile device.

This facility is being introduced “as a result of feedback from
customers” who want to access mobile banking across multiple
devices such as both an iPad and iPhone.

 “We know from talking to our customers that they are
seeking out quicker, more convenient, and safer ways to make
payments that reflect their lifestyle,” added Curzon.