It was a pleasure to serve as one of the judges for the 2023 Fico Decisions Awards.

And now it is time to congratulate the winners.

In all, FICO recognises 15 winners across 10 award categories representing companies from every corner of the globe.

The entries this year highlight the extent to which financial institutions are becoming more sophisticated in the way they solve their most pressing challenges.

And as financial institutions target greater computational power, flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and worldwide accessibility, a growing number are utilising cloud-based decisioning on the FICO Platform.

Indeed, winning entries used the FICO platform to do everything from onboarding a customer and digitally delivering a credit card in under 5 minutes to processing 5 billion transactions with a score each day to better understand customer behaviour.

“I think the winners have really demonstrated the transformative power of analytic technologies and I would like to congratulate them on their achievements”-Nikhil Behl, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, FICO.

2023 FICO Decisions Award Winners

  • AI, Machine Learning & Optimisation – RGS Media & BMO (tie)
  • Cloud Deployment – Canadian Tire & Axis Bank (tie)
  • Customer Onboarding & Management – Trust Bank
  • Debt Management – AGL
  • Decision Management Innovation – Bradesco
  • ESG Champion – Artelys
  • Financial Inclusion – Credevolv & Prosper (tie)
  • Fraud Management – Dock
  • Pioneer Award – ANZ & T-Mobile (tie)
  • FICO Industry Vanguard – BCP & The Very Group (tie)