In a battle of the most socially media active banks – at least on Facebook – Chase comes out easily on top with over 2.9m Facebook ‘likes’.

That figure equates to 5.27% of its customers base, making it far and away the most popular bank on Facebook.

Not far behind are the UK-based Barclays group with its sports themed sponsorship contributing to its popularity in the world of social media.

Sponsoring English football’s premier league – beamed to 20 different countries and 500m homes – has helped Barclays achieve almost  2% of its customers signing up to its Facebook page.

On a similar vein, Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) sports sponsorship including their involvement in 6 Nations rugby league and RBS golf, tennis, equestrian events and cricket has increased their Facebook demographic boosting them to fourth place on the table with 1.56% of customers contributing to their Facebook likes.

The recent growth of the Turkish banking sector looks to also be apparent in its activity in the social media with Akbank and Garanti bank both making the top 10 of the world most popular banks on Facebook with almost over 550,000 fans each.

On the other hand, social media success has been harder to achieve for major banking brand such as ING and HSBC who both seem to be struggling to gain traction on Facebook, with only 144, 267 fans combined.

Wells Fargo is also struggling, with the equivalent of only 0.01% of its clients signed up to its Facebook page.

The largest retail lender in the US, Bank of America is faring a little better, with over 66,000 fans.

Chase is looking to build on the success of its Facebook initiative with a two-year, $25m commitment to the Chase Community Giving programme, announced in the first quarter.

Later this year, Chase Community Giving will host another programme for charities with budgets of less than $1m.

Since 2009, the Chase project has donated over $15m to 400 charities.

Kim Davis, president of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, said: "We are very proud of yet another successful season of Chase Community Giving and continue to be moved by the amazing work of the charities participating."

Table showing top 150 selected banks on Facebook