State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance had four patents in metaverse during Q3 2023. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co has filed patents for methods and systems related to extended reality (XR) environments for insurance claims and handling home-related information. These patents involve using virtual reality models to populate overlays that depict the status of insurance claims for properties affected by a damage-causing event. The XR environments also include user interfaces for receiving preferences and presenting visual depictions of estate data or virtual reconstructions of the damage-causing event. These technologies aim to provide an immersive and efficient experience for insured parties and insurance representatives in processing claims and managing home-related information. GlobalData’s report on State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance gives a 360-degreee view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance grant share with metaverse as a theme is 0% in Q3 2023. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Method and system for visualizing overlays in virtual environments (Patent ID: US20230274508A1)

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. has filed a patent for methods and systems for populating overlays within a virtual environment. The invention involves obtaining a virtual reality model of a region and accessing records associated with properties modeled in the virtual reality model. These records represent the status of insurance claims for each property. The method includes generating overlays for each record, which depict the status of the claim for the respective property. These overlays are then rendered in the virtual environment for the virtual reality model.

The patent also includes additional claims. Claim 2 describes accessing a second set of records representing a second status of the insurance claims for the properties and generating a second set of overlays. These overlays are rendered in a time-lapse manner in the virtual environment, representing the historical processing of the claims associated with the properties.

Claim 3 specifies that the overlays are generated in different colors based on the status of the claims. Each record is associated with a property, and the overlays associated with different records are generated in different colors to represent the status of the claims for each property.

Claim 4 introduces the concept of time stamps associated with the records. A second set of overlays is generated for records associated with a specific property, and each overlay has a corresponding time stamp. The time-lapse rendering of the virtual reality model sequentially renders these overlays based on the time stamps, representing the processing of the claim over time.

Claim 6 involves accessing records representing the locations of a response unit at different historical times. A second set of overlays is generated for these records, and the time-lapse rendering of the virtual reality model causes the response unit to appear at different locations based on the historical times, representing the movements of the response unit in response to a claim processing event.

Overall, the patent describes a computer-implemented method and system for populating overlays in a virtual environment to represent the status and processing of insurance claims for properties modeled in a virtual reality model. These overlays can be rendered in a time-lapse manner, allowing for a visual representation of the historical processing of the claims.

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