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PICC Property and Casualty is actively implementing the guidelines set forth by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for Carbon Dioxide Peaking and Carbon Neutrality. Additionally, it is following the State Council's Action Plan to achieve Carbon Dioxide Peaking before 2030. The company’s latest filings mentioned the keywords 'Carbon' and 'Emissions' most number of times in relation to 'Climate Change'.

In 2022, PICC Property and Casualty reported its greenhouse gas emissions, comprising both direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) sources. The company's direct emissions from natural gas combustion were measured at 136.0 tCO2e, showing a slight decrease compared to the previous year's 149.4 tCO2e. Similarly, emissions from gasoline consumption decreased significantly from 37.9 tCO2e in 2021 to 16.8 tCO2e in 2022. On the indirect emissions front, the company reported 3,470.2 tCO2e from electricity use and 980.87 tCO2e from purchased heat in 2022.

PICC Property and Casualty has taken steps to reduce its emissions, including promoting electronic policies and practicing low-carbon operations. The company is continuously introducing innovative insurance services tailored to green and low-carbon enterprises, transportation, construction, and equipment. Furthermore, the company has developed a standardized green product service system to enhance the positive impact of insurance in promoting a sustainable green and low-carbon economic development cycle. It is committed to exploring a high-quality green development and innovation pathway supported by financial means.

In conclusion, PICC Property and Casualty has demonstrated a strong commitment to addressing climate change and contributing to carbon reduction efforts. Through its active implementation of guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Peaking and Carbon Neutrality, and by focusing on innovative insurance services and low-carbon operations, the company is playing a vital role in building a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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