Capital One Financial had 127 patents in mobile during Q3 2023. Capital One Financial Corp filed several patents during Q3 2023. One patent describes a system for location-based activation of card identifiers, where a card can initiate wireless communication with a user device and select a card identifier based on the device location. Another patent involves data transmission between a contactless card, a client application, and a server, allowing for verification and authentication of card numbers. Additionally, there is a patent for a contactless card that can determine if it is permitted for use based on the location of a mobile device and transmit transaction data for payment. Another patent involves providing current offers from retailers to a user based on their transaction history and present location. Lastly, there is a patent for a system that uses a third-party identity provider to authenticate users with improved security, using an authentication token and internal configuration information to create a custom identifier. GlobalData’s report on Capital One Financial gives a 360-degreee view of the company including its patenting strategy. Buy the report here.

Capital One Financial grant share with mobile as a theme is 43% in Q3 2023. Grant share is based on the ratio of number of grants to total number of patents.

Recent Patents

Application: Transaction token that stores and presents location-specific token identifiers (Patent ID: US20230274255A1)

The patent filed by Capital One Financial Corp. describes a system and method for location-based activation of card identifiers. The invention involves an electrophoretic display card that stores a set of location-specific card identifiers. Each card identifier is associated with a user account and creation location information indicating the device location of the user when the card identifier was created.

When the card is powered by a user device, it initiates wireless communication with the device. The card then determines the device location of the user and selects a card identifier from the set that matches the device location. The selected card identifier is switched to an active state, enabling transaction processing for that identifier. The active card identifier is then presented on the electrophoretic display of the card.

The claims provide further details and variations of the invention. Claim 1 describes a card that stores and presents a location-specific card identifier based on the corresponding device location. The card includes memory, a display, and circuitry that performs various operations. These operations involve generating and adding location-specific card identifiers to the memory, selecting an active card identifier based on device location and time information, and presenting the active card identifier on the display.

Claim 2 adds additional operations to the card, including establishing a wireless connection with the user device, receiving a request to generate a second location-specific card identifier, and obtaining account and time threshold information from the user device.

Claim 5 describes a method for storing and presenting a location-specific card identifier using a card with memory and a display. The method involves receiving a request to generate a location-specific card identifier, obtaining device location and creation time information, generating the card identifier, adding it to the memory, and selecting it as active based on device location and time information.

The remaining claims provide further details and variations of the method, including presenting the card identifier on an electrophoretic display, obtaining new location-specific card identifiers, and switching card identifiers to an inactive state based on device location or time thresholds.

Overall, the invention described in the patent enables location-based activation of card identifiers, allowing for more secure and convenient transaction processing based on the user's device location.

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