Zions Bancorporation has picked D3 Banking Technology to boost digital capabilities across its seven independently branded-affiliates.

D3 is said to decrease redundancy at Zions and lower back office complexities.

The technology is also said to offer the bank a unified experience across various digital channels.

Earlier, the bank used separate online and mobile banking apps that led to an inconsistent experience.

The bank will also utilise the vendor’s data capabilities to gain more insights on its customers and launch relevant services.

Additionally, Zions will tap D3’s cloud-based microservices and advanced SDKs to accelerate innovation.

Zions senior vice president of digital banking products and strategy Jeff Gardner said: “Transitioning to D3’s advanced digital platform will streamline once disparate channels, adding efficiencies and allowing us to offer a more seamless, personalised experience to our customers on whichever device they choose to conduct banking business.

“With D3, we expect to be able to increase the speed at which we deliver products and services to our customers, which is especially important in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape.

“This control over the pace and direction of change for our organisation creates a significant competitive differentiator as we continue to grow.”

Zions has presence in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

The bank manages $69bn in assets.