Indian IT firm Zenith Software has launched a new banking solution, called Banc724-Digital.

The platform, which features integrated Social media platforms, enterprise mobility and analytics, will facilitate banks to offer customized and responsive banking services to customers virtually, the IT firm said.

The new solution will offer multilingual presentation and will be easily interfaced with bank’s existing ecosystem because of its platform neutrality.

The enterprise mobility module of the solution will allow customers to manage their banking needs using any mobile platform besides offering mobility services including customer on boarding, mobile transactions, mobile payments, alerts, location-based services and innovative apps for personal finance.

Zenith Software president and deputy CEO Anoop Singh Sengar said: "Banc724-Digital offers Omni channel banking through seamless integration of online and mobility platforms and banks have options to deploy solutions as a whole or on a modular basis.

"Banc724-Digital’s Social Media Banking component helps the banks to connect with entirely new customer segments by opening accounts through Facebook, twitter etc., doing Product Promotions, offering Customer servicing and grievance redress through social listening and sentiment analysis."