Victory Park Capital (VPC), a US-based investment firm focused on providing debt and opportunistic equity solutions, in collaboration with International Finance Corporation (IFC) has rolled out a new fund that will invest in financial technology companies in emerging markets.

Through the new fund, both the companies aim to enhance access to debt capital for financial technology companies that provide loans to small businesses and consumers in emerging markets.

Leveraging VPC’s expertise in investing in financial services and financial technology as well as IFC’s role in investing in these sectors in developing countries, the new fund will target growth investments in technology-driven companies across emerging markets with a focus on financial infrastructure, products and services.

Victory Park Capital senior partner and co-founder Brendan Carroll said: “Our partnership with IFC, the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector and a leading investor in financial technology in developing countries, opens a world of opportunities to fill the growing need for capital in emerging markets and scale our existing exposure.

“We are a long-standing investor to companies that provide innovative financial solutions, often overlooked by traditional investors despite generating attractive returns, and we are eager to continue identifying high-quality opportunities alongside IFC.”

VPC has executed more than 40 investments in fintech sector across the globe.