Wisconsin-based Verve, a Credit Union, has tapped US-based fintech provider Fiserv for core account processing.

Verve opted for DNA from Fiserv, the vendor’s account processing platform that offers a global view of member relationships. This allows financial providers to offer tailored services to their customers.

Fiserv executive vice president and senior group president Byron Vielehr said: “The strong retail and commercial functionality of DNA helps growth-minded credit unions meet member needs for new services and allows their employees to interact and deliver meaningful experiences in a frictionless way.”

The selection of the DNA platform is said to have been based on its open architecture that supports integrations with third parties and other solutions from Fiserv.

The platform’s capability to service various loan types from one system is also said to have played an integral role in its selection.

Verve chief marketing and strategy officer Karrie Drobnick said: “We want to be in a position to offer our members services before they realise they need them.

“Fiserv and DNA will expedite our ability to do that, whether it’s through Fiserv or a third-party solution. This is just one of the areas where we have valuable strategic alignment with the Fiserv team.”

Besides, Verve uses enterprise content management, item processing, wire transfer and financial accounting solutions from Fiserv.

Superior Choice Credit Union, based in Wisconsin, also opted for Fiserv’s DNA solution to enhance commercial capabilities and streamline processes.