US-based IT firm Unisys has launched a new digital banking platform, named Elevate by Unisys, to help financial institutions offer an omni-channel experience to their customers.

Elevate will be anchored in Unisys’ existing Retail Banking Delivery platform, and will facilitate various business needs for customers such as origination of mortgages, loans, savings and current accounts.

The platform can be deployed via the cloud or used as an on-premise solution, and secured with Unisys’ Stealth software.

The vendor said that the platform’s built-in adaptive biometric and data analytics will help it mitigate risks of fraud, meet regulatory norms, as well as lower PCI and related compliance costs.

Unisys senior vice president and president of enterprise solutions Eric Hutto said: “Elevate will allow banks and building societies to deliver a secure, frictionless banking experience to their customers.

“People increasingly want to bank in a manner that fits with their lifestyle, so having a secure, integrated digital banking platform will increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty – by empowering today’s digital customer.”

The platform is scheduled to launch in EMEA and Asia Pacific in the first quarter of this year, followed by a launch in the Latin and North America in the second quarter.

Unisys Financial Services global head Eric Crabtree said: "The challenge for many banks and building societies today is how to stay relevant and keep pace with the changing needs of customers.

"Additionally, the analytics engine behind Elevate can provide banks with opportunities for improving operational and sales efficiency, while our award-winning Stealth security suite helps ensure that client applications and data are protected from threats."