Information technology firm Unisys has teamed up with Sandstone Technology and Payment Card Technologies (PCT) to launch a new digital banking solution that will allow financial institutions to offer a digital omni-channel experience.

Dubbed Unisys, Sandstone and PCT (USP), the new solution has been designed to provide secure digital banking services through multiple platforms such as mobile devices, tablets and internet browsers.

The solution features built-in adaptive biometric and data analytics to identify customers and validate transactions in a secure way.

It will also support the origination of mortgages, loans, savings and current accounts in a cost-effective way, the companies said.

USP can be delivered as-a-Service from a private or public cloud or deployed on-site, using Unisys Stealth solution that leverages identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption.

The technology vendors said that the solution’s cloud delivery model will allow financial providers to enhance speed to market for digital services, as well as shift costs to a pay-for-use model.

Sandstone Technology CEO Sam Plowman said: "The new platform recognizes the importance of providing a superior customer experience via the digital channel. Delivering a frictionless omni-channel banking experience is at the core of what we do here at Sandstone and this new digital banking platform is truly a powerful proposition for banks and building societies."