Umpqua Bank digital banking platform, called Umpqua Go-To, is now live for all its current and prospective customers.

The new platform, designed to enhance customer experience, will enable the user to connect with a personal banker completely free.

After downloading the app, customers can select their personal banker. The customer selects the banker on the basis of their individual requirements, professional background, location and expertise.

Once selected, the customer can interact with the banker through text or chat facilities. Through the app the user will receive customised banking assistance services.

Furthermore, the customer can contact the personal banker to resolve banking issues and explore new financial opportunities.

Umpqua Bank president and CEO Cort O’Haver said: “Our approach is grounded in a core belief that human interaction matters in banking—especially in the moments when life and money meet.

“That’s why Umpqua’s approach to digital banking is different. Instead of using technology to create distance between our associates and customers, our Go-To platform leverages technology to create a more meaningful customer experience that helps people make smart financial decisions.”

The new digital banking platform launched after three pilot tests conducted earlier this year.

Besides bolstering interaction between bankers and their customers, the service will enhance operation efficiency and value to services.

O’Haver added: “Go-To marks a culmination of our first-phase strategy for consumer banking, but we’re just beginning when it comes human digital banking and what it means for all Umpqua customers.”

Currently, Umpqua is working with a fintech company Seed to introduce the same form of service for small business owners.