Swiss banking giant UBS has deployed the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) service from Cryptomathic and SwissSign to strengthen security and control of its document management.

The service has been implemented through software provider Cryptomathic’s Signer solution and supported by SwissSign’s Qualified Certificate Authority services. The solution was launched by Cryptomathic and SwissSign, a subsidiary of Swiss Post, in January 2017.

Cryptomathic said that in addition to improving the document security, the solution will also help the bank to support a fully mobile digital user experience, as well as reduce the expenses related to managing paper documents.

The bank’s retail and wealth management customers will be able to use the new service to digitally sign documents on any device from anywhere across the globe.

UBS Switzerland head of multichannel management and digitisation Andreas Kubli said: "Previously, our clients had to print, sign and send documents manually for compliance reasons. Now they can do it in a smart, easy and time-saving way. Thanks to Cryptomathic and SwissSign, customers can sign their contracts digitally in e-Banking – while meeting all legal and compliance requirements."