Technology provider Tyfone has unveiled a digital banking suite, known as nFinia, for financial institutions to offer a secure banking experience across various digital channels such as watch, phone, tablet, PC or kiosk.

nFinia includes a range of mobile and online banking functions such as billpay/P2P, personal money management and marketing analytics.

The nFinia suite supports various levels of National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) security compliance.

It interoperates with Tyfone's endpoint security hardware device known as SideCard, as well as integrates with the core processing platforms in the financial services marketplace.

Tyfone president and COO Prabhakar Tadepalli said: "More banks today are seeking to converge their mobile and online banking channels to a single platform across all user touchpoints.

"Credit unions, banks and other financial services providers are demanding more modern, customer-friendly solutions for digital banking without compromising security or convenience. If you're looking for secure digital banking, nFinia is the answer."