Two major Canadian lenders, Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,  were hit by cyber attacks that may have resulted into theft of personal data of nearly 90,000 customers.

Reuters reported that Bank of Montreal was contacted by the attackers who claimed that they have the details of personal and financial information of a section of bank customers, further threatening to make them public.

Bank of Montreal spokesperson stated that data of around 50,000 of the bank’s eight million customers across Canada were hacked but did not reveal if any customer has lost money due to this attack.

He also added that the bank is carrying an investigation into this breach, which may have been carried out from outside of the country.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) was also contacted by the hackers claiming they have account information of its 40,000 clients.

The bank did not confirm the cyber attack but said it is investigating this alleged breach.

Both the banks have requested their respective customers to inform about any discrepancies and activities on their accounts.

Other Canadian banks claimed that they were not affected with this cyber attack.