Turnkey Lender, an AI-powered lending technology provider for traditional, alternative, and embedded creditors, has announced its expansion in the UK and Ireland.

The US-based B2B SaaS firm offers a cloud-based solution to automate all parts of a lender’s consumer or commercial finance.

With TurnKey Lender, businesses in the UK and Ireland will be able to leverage AI-powered decision management and lending automation solution to streamline their lending management process.

The technology vendor said that its team worked with some of its clients to ensure that the platform meets the demands of UK lenders right out of the box.

Some of the market-specific integrations and features for the UK include the ability to scale and adapt the loan application workflow to the UK market’s consumer lending criteria.

TurnKey Lender’s decision analyses UK credit bureau and bank statement data for AI-driven credit scoring.

Other services include ‘instant’ e-signatures for loan paperwork, SMTP email correspondence, credit bureau reporting, and plug-and-play connectors with regional data suppliers.

TurnKey Lender CEO and co-founder Dmytro Voronenko said: “We are very excited that our platform enters the UK’s digital lending space. Apart from our award-winning AI-driven automation, we bring a set of meaningful integrations and tailor-fit configuration options.

“We look forward to working with more creditors in the UK to help them cut costs, reduce risks, grow their portfolios, and provide borrowers with finance on better terms.”