Temenos has expanded its CSR initiative Adopt iT to deliver a scholarship programme for students at a university in India.

Selected students from Anna University in Chennai will receive need and merit-based scholarships for the next three years. The scheme applies to students in their second, third and fourth years.

In addition, Temenos will provide these students with employment opportunities and graduate schemes.

Max Chuard, Temenos CEO, said: “I feel incredibly proud and privileged to be involved in such a great programme and excited that we are continuing to broaden its impact in India, a nation at the heart of Temenos’ product organisation. Our vision is to find ways to engage with local communities, provide them with access to the benefits and opportunities technology creates and the skills to deploy it.

“In doing this, we aim to encourage innovation and sustainable economic growth. Adopt iT not only benefits individuals and communities outside our business, it reinforces our core values of operating responsibly and using our technology, expertise and resources for good within Temenos, inspiring many to dedicate their time to helping others.

“As we continue to bear witness to the positive impact of important CSR programmes like Adopt iT, so our vision to make a measurable difference to people’s lives evolves.”

Providing opportunity 

As part of the programme, Temenos has provided the University with a sustainably-powered innovation lab. The aim is to encourage students to learn about the fintech sector and partner with Temenos employee volunteers.

Temenos plans to expand the collaboration with Anna University to cover more areas. It also aims to grow the Adopt iT programme to reach higher education institutions in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India.

To data, the Adopt iT programme has assisted nearly 8,300 students with IT equipment, training and mentoring. In 2019, Temenos employees volunteered for more than 500 hours to teach and coach students.