TCF National Bank (TCF Bank), a subsidiary of TCF Financial, has launched a new chip-enabled TCF Debit Card with contactless payment capability.

TCF Debit Card will enable cardholders to make payment wherever Visa is accepted, such as in a chip reader, at payment terminal wherever EMV-enabled payment and contactless payment is accepted, and also at ATMs.

The chip technology will provide better protection of consumers’ card numbers and personal information against fraudsters and counterfeiters than traditional swipe-only technology.

TCF Financial Corporation CEO Craig Dahl said: “We are pleased to be among the first banks in the country of any size to deliver maximum convenience and greater security through the contactless payment feature of the chip-enabled TCF Debit Card.

“Our improved debit card gives our customers the most options to pay without compromising any of the features and benefits they’ve already had with their current debit cards.”

TCF consumer banking executive vice president Michael Jones said: “The improved TCF Debit Card addresses several important needs that our customers have told us they want, including the security of chip-enabled technology, the convenience of contactless pay and the ability to get a new or replacement card in one of our branches.”