A total of 14 banks within the Taiwan Mobile Payment (TWMP) consortium have selected Mozido’s HCE technology.

HCE solution offers a mobile wallet capability for consumers using HCE cloud-based NFC phones.

 Mozido said that it will provide the 14 banks a mobile wallet platform offering HCE cloud-based NFC capabilities in a single solution.

The technology vendor will also offer tokenisation as well as de-tokenisation services for mobile payment transactions for consumers using TWMP supported mobile applications.

TWMP president Wei-Jong Pan said: "We appreciate all the support provided by Mozido and expect a great success in commercial launch.

"Mozido's demonstrated strength in mobile wallet platforms, along with its ability to combine payments technologies into existing applications, makes them the best partner for us in our endeavor to bring faster and easier mobile payments to consumers."

TWMP, which is a consortium of 26 banks in Taiwan, is the first customer to go to market with Mozido HCE.

The remaining 12 banks in the consortium are expected to adopt the technology later in 2016.