Zain Group, in collaboration with Bank of Khartoum, has launched Sudan’s first mobile financial service called ‘Hassa’.

The new secure service enables Zain’s customers in Sudan to complete an array of financial transactions and operations, including money transfers, paying bills and ATM cash withdrawals without a bank account.

Bank of Khartoum CEO Fadi Al Faqih said that Hassa will result in many benefits for its users and for society in general, and will be available in 95% of Sudan’s populated areas.

‘Hassa’ is a secure, easy and instant service, which does not have any operational complications and is available around the clock.

"In addition, it simplifies financial operations to the masses at all times as well as providing a low cost service to suit all users."

Zain Sudan CEO and managing director Elfaith Erwa said, "This service extends the use of mobile phones beyond only communications, contributing even further to the enrichment of people’s lives and fulfilling the potential we always knew existed for our services."