Standard Bank’s mobile banking app, SnapScan, crashed during an update leaving users unable to log on.

The app was launched in May and was Standard Bank’s first mobile payment solution allowing merchants to receive money from customers via mobile phone.

Standard Bank issued a statement shortly after the problems arose, saying:
"We are aware that some customers have experienced difficulty accessing our banking app for smartphones. We apologise for the inconvenience, and we are working on resolving the issue as a matter of urgency."

Customers were advised to make use of their online banking services instead.

The app was developed initially for iOS and Android devices, with plans to extend the service to other mobile operating systems, depending on demand.

Payments made through the app require a quick response (QR) code and a user-selected PIN and payment confirmation is delivered as a text message.

Merchants can access their funds by way of a voucher, redeemable at Spar outlets or Standard Bank ATMs, or have them credited directly to a nominated business account.

Standard Bank said it expected the service to be adopted mostly by small enterprises such as weekend market traders who do not have a POS machine due to high cost and bad connectivity.

Vuyo Mpako, Standard Bank’s head of innovation and channel design, said:
"SnapScan works amazingly well for formal and informal enterprises alike. We have created a solution that is as easy to install as it is to collect payments. Our business strategy at Standard Bank is to create accessible, convenient and secure solutions for businesses. SnapScan is a pioneering first."

In March 2012, Standard Bank introduced AccessAccount, enabling users in rural areas and townships to open a bank account via their mobile phone and perform simple transactions such as purchasing electricity and airtime, removing the need to travel to ATMs or branches.

At the time, Peter Wharton Hood, Standard Bank’s deputy chief executive, said: "We have built an entirely new IT system and platform that spans across all the bank’s offerings in our ‘Inclusive Banking’ business.

"Standard Bank is one of the first major banks in the world to run SAP Mobile Platform. We are currently opening up to 7,000 new accounts a day via SMS technology, in less than six minutes per transaction. This incredible outcome far exceeded our expectations."